Um, What's Up With King's Landing On 'Game Of Thrones'?

Despite its wild popularity, Game Of Thrones isn't without its frustrating inconsistencies. There's everything from time having little to no meaning in Season 7 to Starbucks cups popping up in Winterfell (when the Starks, being the Canadians of Westeros, likely prefer Tim Hortons). Still, the show more or less keeps its act together. Which is why one scene in Sunday's antepenultimate episode was particularly baffling. At the end, Daenerys and her forces approach the wall of King's Landing, facing off with Cersei and her "former roadie for Motorhead"-esque ally Euron Greyjoy.


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Notice anything odd? Since when is King's Landing on a flat barren wasteland? Earlier seasons depicted the city surrounded by water and lush green mountains. What happened?



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This isn't without significance, either. King's Landing is likely going to be centerpiece of the show's big finale. If viewers who have stuck with this series for eight years can't even recognize this key location, surely that's a problem. Fans on Reddit were quick to note the discrepancy, with many offering explanations for the sudden change. Theories range from Cersei leveling the greenery to better see her enemies approaching to Euron harvesting the trees for his fleet of ships. Of course, none of that explains what happened to the mountains.

This could just be a case of the Thrones team altering a location to better express the show's current tone. King's Landing is no longer crammed full of the opulence and extravagance we saw when we were first introduced to it. After several murdered kings, a spat with religious zealots that ended in a massive explosion, and the now-daily risk of being incinerated by a pissed-off dragon, perhaps we're meant to view the city as a lifeless husk of its former self. Or the production screwed up, like with that coffee cup.

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